American Process Systems - specialists in industrial mixers, mixing equipment and industrial blending


The American Process Systems (APS) complete line of process equipment for industrial mixing, drying, reacting and material processing includes; Ribbon Blenders, PlowBlend™ Plow  Blenders, OptimaBlend™ Fluidizing Paddle Blenders, OptimaIIBlend™ Fluidized Zone Mixers, Paddle Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Blenders, Bag Dump Workstations, Elevation Stations®, Pneumatic Bag Compactors, High Speed Finishers for processes under normal atmosphere, pressure or under vacuum.

APS expertise ranges from individual mixing equipment to complete turn-key plants.

For many decades American Process Systems has been delivering advanced technology solutions for industrial process engineering. Key milestones in the development of a wide variety of industries and applications are inextricably linked to American Process Systems technology. Depending on the particular field, the current range includes everything from individual mixing machines with process peripherals, including Sanitary, USDA & 3A Dairy Design and ASME Certified Pressure Vessels, to complete processing plants.

American Process Systems offers tailor-made solutions for today's stainless steel mixing challenges!